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We started Nexticainc with the vision of creating a distributed on demand platform, where developers and managers alike from across the globe could collaborate and execute their ideas. From this simple, yet powerful idea Nexticainc has grown into a global organization with offices and clients throughout the world.

As a company that prides itself as being born on the cloud, we at Nexticainc, don’t believe that things just happen on their own – It’s up to us to make it happen. With that mantra our focus is clear- We help organizations Embrace the Cloud – Security

Whether an organization is just beginning to look to the cloud or they are looking for ways to take even greater advantage of what the cloud offers, Nexticainc is there to assist. From people to processes and applications to Data Nexticainc has the skills and knowledge to make your journey to the Cloud a success

Expedition Nexticainc

Our name serves a purpose. Nexticainc or 8000 Miles is the diameter of the earth. And with that in mind, we set upon Expedition Nexticainc to leave no path uncovered and unleash the true power of the cloud. We unmask the myths and help organizations accelerate their transformation to the cloud.

As thought leaders in the security and cloud transformation domains we have helped the market evolve and as the market evolved so did we. Our ability to grow organically and at the same time acquire leading edge technologies and companies helps us to maintain and grow our leadership position.

At Nexticainc it’s not about technology, it’s also understanding how technology can drive business. Through the right blend of skills combined with our expertise in Application Development, Automation, Security and Compliance we can optimize cloud solutions that meet your business requirements.

Nexticainc for us is always defined as, Nexticainc of secure cloud services factory which will help enterprises and SMBs to integrate and align the infrastructure requirements with the business challenges.

Our Application Development, Automation, Security & Compliance background, right blend of skills helps you to build better solutions. We optimize cloud solutions based on your business requirements. Our primary focus is on critical cloud implementation and have developed solutions which will enable you resolve the cloud challenges proactively


We are enduringly first to market with our next generation patented IAM solutions, Our expertise in IAM and Cloud solutions helps us to mitigate the challenges of improving security, streamlining operations and managing access risk while constantly signifying compliance for the enterprises.

We forecast the challenges and ensure smooth transitioning of any critical IT infrastructure to cloud-based architectures and with 100+ man years of combined experience, we help you to build cloud solutions which are secured and agile.

Our expertise in enterprise cloud and Knowledge Base makes us unique and it also extends to SaaS, cloud consulting & migration, big data (Hadoop /EMR) services, cloud infrastructures managed services, backup and disaster recovery services to AWS, Azure and also extends its support to various verticals such as Retail, Media, Travel, Pharma, Healthcare and Financial services.



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years of experience

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Nexticainc Timeline

  • 2008Nexticainc Inception

    Integrates VCE on AWS with CI/CD pipeline for development to production

    Launches VCE- Desktops and Server Spaces delivered on demand from cloud

  • 2010 AWS evangelization team

    Launches follow the sun reference framework with AWS evangelization team

    Recognized on Stanford university panel as instant potential on cloud

  • 2015Ecommerce Scale

    Helps NASDAQ listed Zagg Inc ecommerce scale for thanksgiving on AWS

  • 2017Canadian Remittance

    Nexticainc helps a Canadian Remittance company with analytics

  • 2018 CloudMinder

    EzIam – An enterprise grade IDaaS powered by CA CloudMinder and Amazon Web Services at AWS Summit in New York