Large scale organization often have multiple Big Data environments and Cassandra is a trusted data base for managing large amount of time-stamped data streams. As the number of data sources, their velocity, and volume grows, organizations often ponder with the following questions on Cassandra:

  • How do we get better control over the growing costs?
  • How do we optimize the architecture for scalability?
  • How do we enable the entire organization to take advantage of the Cassandra infrastructure?

Contriva Cassandra-as-a-Service addresses the above questions and much more in a comprehensive manner.
What is Cassandra-as-a-Service?

Cassandra-as-a-Service is a combination of Integrated Consulting and Operations to increase agility. It supports Multi-Cloud i.e., it works on both AWS and Azure. It is packed with Cloud Essential Foundational Services and pre-built tools that accelerates both migration and operations. The principle behind this solution is continuous Automation that delivers continuous Cost reduction. This modular service can be replicated across divisions

Why Cassandra-as-a-Service?

The following are the benefits of 8K Miles’ Cassandra-as-a-Service:

  • Enables seamless scaling of time-series data volume and velocity by up to lOOX
  • Enables enterprise-wide adoption of Cassandra using a small core team
  • Reduces over head costs by almost 75% through automation
  • Increases speed of deployment by 4X through automation
  • World-class architecture support

Cassandra-as-a-Service Offerings

  • 24X 7 Dedicated Managed Services – Email,Ticketing, Phone
  • Includes Monitoring, Incident,Problem, Change, Deployment, SIEM,
  • Capacity,Billing, Performance, Best Practices, Patches and Upgrades
  • DedicatedTec hnical Ac count Manager
  • Global Support Presence @ USA and India
  • Builtover Data Stax product support a nd AWS I Azure support

Architecture of Cassandra-as-a-Service in Detail


  • Recommend proven highly available and scalable cloud architectures that can work on popular Cloud providers like AWS, Azure and Google Compute Cloud
  • Recommend secured VPC network architecture that can support inter / intra region cluster setup, isolation from other layers of the system
  • Automate end-to-end Infrastructure provisioning befitted for Cassandra and its supporting technologies
  • Engineer DevOps scripts and programs aligning towards Organization DevOps pipeline
  • Engineer Deployment Automation to multi data centers for failovers and business continuity
  • Engineer definitive Cloud scripts to handle node failures, node disconnect, availability zone outages, etc.,


  • Assemble Cassandra Cloud guidelines for availability zone awareness, sub nets, replica placements, replication factor,snitch,read and write consistency
  • Recommend standardized configuration methodology for write intensive and read intensive tables, key spaces and cluster
  • Design Schema partitions for better distribution and Query performance
  • Design and Engineer data models, query patterns, column families and so on


  • Strategic planning and guidance for full cycle migration
  • Deep understanding on Cassandra and Cloud Providers cuts the trial and error approach
  • Migration Acceleration : Migration Assessment, Impact Analysis, Tools to move Large data Between Cloud Providers, Automation Scripts,
  • Validation and Roll back scripts
  • Migration Model – Lift and Shift I Phased
  • Provide Architecture, Engineering and Migration help on both Cassandra and Cloud Provider level for following
  1. Cassandra Migration Between Regions
  2. Lower to Higher version of Cassandra
  3. Cassandra on Azure to Cassandra on AWS
  4. RDBMS/NoSQL to Cassandra
  5. Cassandra to Native Cloud Data stores
  • Architecture and Engineering help on Data Model, Partitions, Queries, Distributions etc. on Cassandra during migration


  • Apply Best practices in configuring underlying cloud infrastructure and Cassandra infrastructure
  • Identify Security problems on Traffic data between Cassandra nodes using Amazon VPC network logs
  • Control Access to Tables using pre-built templates that integrate Active Directory / Kerberos into Cassandra
  • Cassandra logs integrated with Log Pipeline developed by 8K Miles for GEHC
  • Security Best practices involving Cassandra Disk encryption at rest, KMS, log safeguarding etc.,
  • Continuous Audit of Cassandra Nodes for security loopholes and security exceptions
  • Automated Security fixes on underlying Cloud Provider running Cassandra cluster