Healthcare cloud IT Services

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Today’s healthcare providers face challenges from staying compliant to ever-changing regulatory reforms like HIPAA to cutting down operations cost without compromising on the quality of care to the patients.

Gartner claims the requirement of healthcare cloud to manage healthcare providers’ infrastructure resources to aid intuitive decision making surrounding patient care by advising organizations to “craft a cloud strategy that recognizes realities and goals of the cloud, its value proposition, inherent risks and its place within the enterprise IT ecosystem and establish an IT service strategy by looking at IT solutions as a service first, and as a technology offering second, to expand thinking and scope to creative solutions.”
How 8KMiles can be your Healthcare Cloud Partner?

Healthcare Infrastructure Framework

Our Solution, CloudEz platform offers healthcare providers a vendor agnostic, continuous HIPAA compliant and secure framework for their infrastructure. CloudEz unlocks the low-cost, scalability and agility potential of private, public and hybrid clouds for healthcare organization to deploy critical workloads on cloud in a secure and compliant manner. Our platform also accelerates applications development, delivery of web & mobile services, and integrates DevOps tools along with a broad catalog of services. It is composed of inter-dependent Infrastructure, Security, Automation, Compliance, Service Management functionality (ITSM) and Governance Framework to deploy a fully qualified/validated infrastructure platform which adheres to HIPAA quality control guidelines & regulations on public cloud.

Healthcare Cloud IT Services

With our depth and breadth of experience, 8KMiles is an ideal partner for your healthcare organization. We focus on enabling your business transformation through IT innovation.
Our Healthcare IT expertise extends into,


8KMiles offers plethora of cutting edge Business Intelligence/ Analytics spectrum through Predictive Analytics, Clinical Data Analytics, Big data and so on for better Business decision making surrounding patient care.

User Identity Management:

A healthcare provider must ensure that their staff has the right access to the right system at right time, to avoid unauthorized access to sensitive data. As new employees onboard, ensuring their access is quickly configured is essential for productivity and similarly, terminating access to multiple systems upon employee exit is critical for security. 8KMiles aids healthcare providers to manage the entire user-access lifecycle while optionally providing single-sign-on to users to streamline user identity and access management.

Managed services:

Our managed services offerings range from bespoke application management to enterprise wide IT support. Our expertise ranges across on-premise and cloud based infrastructure and applications. Having presence in multiple time zones and our experience with managing large enterprise environments, brings you 24×7 highly responsive and effective managed services.