GxP Compliance Assessment of Azure by Nexticainc

A unique case where 8K Miles performed GxP Compliance Assessment of
for a leading pharmaceutical giant

A leading Indian Pharma player, as part of its organic growth and multiple acquisitions ended up owning multiple legacy-messaging solutions at different locations. Under invariable pressure to streamline their processes with increased efficiency, our client opted public cloud adoption to achieve their digital transformation goals.

Knowing Microsoft cloud services are built around key tenets of security, privacy, transparency, and compliance, our client selected Azure (Microsoft hyperscale cloud) as trusted platform for their business- critical applications. However, while considering the use of cloud technology to host GxP computerized systems, our customer wanted to take a third-party assessment approach to ensure that Microsoft Azure can meet their requirements to remain compliant.

Download this case study to know how 8K Miles suggested a detailed strategic model for driving innovation besides maintaining regulatory compliance. This proposed approach helped the customer in their Azure adoption for GxP computerized systems without compromising on security, privacy, transparency, and of course compliance.

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